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Our Story

Hi and welcome to Windy Ridge Bernedoodles! We are based out of Sugar Creek, Ohio. If you are looking for the perfect Bernedoodle Companion, then you have come to the right place. We are a family of breeders that specializes in raising the highest quality and confirmation of Mini and Standard bernedoodles.  It is very important for us that trust is established and the health of puppies is at a high standard when adopting a new family member.

What we love about bernedoodles are their loving and playful personalities. They are physically beautiful and a hardy breed as well. When you adopt one of our bernedoodle puppies it will need lots of attention and room to run! We love to go on walks and trails with them. Combining physical traits and disposition from both parental lines make for bernedoodles to be the perfect companions!

We would love for you to schedule a paw visit with us or give us a call. We make sure to socialize and play with our pups daily. When you visit you will see how friendly and playful all of them are for that very reason.

We believe trust is built right from the start through communication and building a relationship with you as a potential puppy Owner. Be sure to reach out to us over the phone/text or we would be happy to schedule a paw visit at our location and listen to any questions you may have or things you are looking for in a bernedoodle puppy. There are so many things such as confirmation, personality, socialization, parents, and more that go into finding the perfect companion.

We also believe trust is built on the relationship with you after the puppy is adopted. We enjoy it when families follow up to let us know how your new companion is doing but also to hear all the adorable stories that you have experienced with your new bernedoodle puppy.

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